Yamaha grand pianos are world renowned and appear on more concert stages than any other.  There is a Yamaha grand to fit your needs whether it be your home, studio, church or school.  Click here to view the many options you have when purchasing a Yamaha grand.  One of our experienced staff can answer any questions you may have at Scott’s Music Store or call us at 1-800-817-6265.


Yamaha upright pianos offer the superior touch and beautiful tone that you expect in a quality piano.  There are several series of Yamaha upright pianos from which you may choose such as consoles, studios, and upright professionals.  You’re a click away from discovering the perfect piano to fit your needs.  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have at Scott’s Music Store or call us at 1-800-817-6265.


Award winning Yamaha Clavinovas have been the choice of dealers and players for over 25 years.  Performers and teachers applaude their outstanding touch and feel.  The Clavinova lineup includes two different series which appeal to different needs and price points.  Click here to begin your journey into the digital piano world.  If you have further questions please direct them to Scott’s Music Store  or call us at 1-800-817-6265.


Yamaha Disklavier is the ultimate player piano built into the world’s top selling grand pianos and upright pianos. It is an unrivaled package of quality entertainment!!  Sit back and listen to your favorite pianist perform whether he/she might be Elton John or your child.  Capture cherished musical moments for all time with the easy record feature the Disklavier offers.  Click here to learn more or call us at Scott’s Music 1-800-817-6265 to see how you can attain one of these truly marvelous instruments.



Scott’s Music is excited to announce a new and exciting addition to our extensive Yamaha piano lineup. It is the arrival of the new AvantGrand which is Yamaha’s highly acclaimed Hybrid Piano. You have all heard of Hybrid Cars in the automobile industry; now Yamaha has introduced the first Hybrid to the piano industry. The birth of the AvantGrand is attributed to the union of Yamaha’s Acoustic Piano department and Yamaha’s Digital Piano department. Their collaboration is a huge success and already has won great acclaim from famous pianists worldwide and the highly coveted MMR award for best product of the year 2012!!

The AvantGrand series features the same action used in Yamaha’s renowned grand pianos, combined with cutting-edge technology that allows you to experience grand piano performance at any volume. Imagine having the ability to have a 9 ft. concert grand without the concert grand cost or size in your space. As an added bonus, no more tuning will be needed and it is perfect for performances in larger venues such as churches and schools.

We would like to invite you to come in and play one of these impressive instruments and see for yourself the unbelievable sound and tactile response they offer. Please call us at 1-800-817-6265 or 701-775-6265 with questions or to make an appointment to see one of the AvantGrands on our floor.