When you come to Scott’s Music to buy a guitar, you will be impressed with our large selection, quality and competitive prices.

Our premier guitar line is:


we also carry the fine instruments made by:

Seagull, Godin, Alvarez, and Crafter.

Through an unique purchasing opportunity, we are also able to offer used guitars from other leading and respected brands such as: 

Epiphone, Fender, Ibanez, Yamaha, Takamine, and Taylor.

We offer most of the popular styles of guitars such as:  electric guitars and basses, classical, 12-string and regular dreadnaught guitars.  

A style of guitar that is becoming increasingly popular is the “acoustic-electric” guitar.   It can be played through an amp, sound system or by itself.

A guitar’s playability is one of the critical factors that influences whether or not a person sticks with it.  The best way for a person to determine the right one for them is to buy the one that they have been trying out in the store.  At Scott’s Music you will have the opportunity to explore and find the style of guitar you want.  Many of our staff play guitar and are very willing to assist, either by demonstrating – answering your questions or both.  You can be confident that you made the best decision when you buy from us.


Martin Guitar

Since 1833, C.F. Martin & Co. has been a permanent part of the American experience.

They are the oldest, most respected, most innovative guitar maker in American History.

Blending hand craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. Martin guitar has given us most of the acoustic guitar models constructed today.

Martin guitars remain unsurpassed in quality, tone, playability and enduring value in the world today.

Whether you are looking for a D-28, or a D-35 or even a 000C-16GTE, we will likely have it or can order it.

Guitars in the newer “X” series offer much of the same “Martin” tone and look as their older kin, and have a friendlier price tag.

Seagull Guitars

“Canadian Made – Globally Played”

These guitars are totally made in Canada with about 95% Canadian materials.

Their sound, playability and appearance is comparable to much more expensive guitars.

Alvarez Guitars
Ukuleles by Amonti – Lanakai – Diamond Head
Banjo’s and Mandolins by Hohner  
 Half Size or 3 quarter Size guitars made by Hohner, Tannera and Kay